About Us

Who's Behind Men's Masterclass?

Men's Masterclass is brought to you by Joshua Brandon Pánczér. 
Joshua is an artist, a writer, an actor, a comedian, a psychic, a friend, a lover, an inspiration, a spectacle, an anomaly, and of course: just regular person.
He has the great fortune of having healed himself of autoimmune issues, autistic spectrum disorder, and other distortions known by western medicine to be beyond repair.
He is the Lead StoryWeaving for The Quantum Theater and the creator of the Expandabis shamanic cannabis platform and several upcoming books on these topics. He deeply enjoys getting to know committed men on a deep level, and can assist in creating incredibly fast relational shifts in couples experiencing chronic conflict.
The Quantum Theater is Joshua's platform for transmitting the incredible immersive theater experience, a tool which assists people into alignment with their true selves. Rarely is a method as powerful, fast, and effective.

In the spirit of True Participation

Men's Masterclass and The Quantum Theater are both projects by True Participation, a transformational media and leadership development organization.